Fluoride Added to Children's Milk in Schools


Fluoride is being added to children’s milk in 42 schools throughout the city of Sheffield in the UK, despite the chemical’s known links to liver and kidney damage, cancer and the lowering of IQ.

Fluoride has been proven to have a minimal effect in the prevention of tooth decay, but according to several medical studies, the negative effects of the chemical are legion, far outweighing any positive aspects.

A recent study concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid -- the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism.

Fluoride, one of the most consumed drugs in the United States, is deliberately added to about two-thirds of U.S. public water supplies, theoretically to reduce tooth decay, even though there’s no scientifically-valid evidence proving either safety or effectiveness. 

Adding fluoride to milk will only increase the toxic burden on children’s growing bodies.  

Ironically, yet fortunately, the calcium in milk will actually make it more difficult for your child’s body to absorb the fluoride.  

Why Do We Fluoridate Drinking Water if It’s Not Good For Us? 

The commonly repeated history of how water fluoridation came to be, states that the practice was spurred on by 1930’s research findings that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, which was, and is, a common health problem.  

However, evidence points to it being little more than a well-orchestrated PR stunt to aid an industry in trouble – another glowing example of the art of disseminating “adjustable truths,” to sell an inconveniently toxic reality to an unsuspecting public.